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About Me

About Me

When you look at me you may not believe that I'm hearing music. I'm a well of music that may never fill not only do I hear music but I also hear your thoughts and your energy tells me your story. The truth is constantly being reveal about you- about me- about life.. It's liberating but yet disheartening.

I chose the unpaved path. My higher self is who I am yet people think they know me.

For so long- I've been controlled by religion and by the mind set of the masses but no more. I regain my power. 

I'm creating my destiny by writing my own story.  Thank you for reading it, thank you for watching it...

 I love you  XoXo



My passion is the journey of the unknown walking along- discovering, reinventing, failing, succeeding coming into whom- I'm destine to be.

My Favorite Things

My favorite things is seeing my mama's smile- hearing her laughter and feeling her electric embrace-being in her presence. Being her daughter.

Smelling my father's body chemistry at times especially while driving- He's in the car with me.  Although daddy has transition he's - letting me know that spirit never dies.  He's letting me know" I'm here maybe not in the form you are use to but I'm here helping you baby along the way."


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